The Functional Restoration Program is an integrated program focused on helping patients with chronic pain. Chronic pain is a very difficult problem that affects millions of people.

Within the Functional Restoration Program, providers take a bio-psycho-social approach to helping patients deal with their pain. A bio-psycho-social approach focuses not only on the physical aspects of pain, but the psychological and social aspects as well.

Many patients with chronic pain have psychological symptoms that are negatively affecting their overall condition. Frequently, patients with chronic pain suffer from depression, anxiety, problems with sleep, as well as other difficult conditions. Additionally, chronic pain affects patients socially. Many times patients with chronic pain have a difficult time communicating with their families about their pain. Furthermore, patients with chronic pain struggle to maintain and find employment.

Chronic pain also limits patients from completing their normal activities of daily living, not to mention their ability to complete their favorite activities. Within the Functional Restoration Program, medical doctors, psychologists, and physiotherapists all come together to help patients with their chronic pain. The medical doctor, psychologist, and physiotherapist work together as an integrated treatment team, with the patient at the center of the treatment team. The providers and the patient work together to help patients achieve their Functional Restoration Program treatment goals (See Figure 1 on right).

Increased Vs. Decreased Pain and Suffering

The most important goal of the Functional Restoration Program is to improve the patient’s quality of life. This is achieved by focusing on multiple goals: improving functioning, improving activities of daily living, increasing return to work, decreasing pain medication, decreasing emotional suffering, and decreasing pain.

An Integrated Program

(Figure 1) The Functional Restoration Program is an integrated program focused on helping patients with chronic pain.

The Functional Restoration Program is a proven solution to helping patients with chronic pain (see Research). The Functional Restoration Program is recommended by the American College of Environmental and Occupational Medicine (ACOEM). Functional Restoration Programs have been thoroughly researched and reviewed and have been shown to be both evidence-based and effective.

Prior to attending the Functional Restoration Program, each patient completes a Function Restoration Program evaluation to determine if the patient is a candidate for the program. The Functional Restoration Program evaluation includes a medical evaluation, psychological evaluation, physiotherapy evaluation with baseline testing, and a case conference.

If the patient is determined to be a candidate for the Functional Restoration Program, the patient is then referred to begin the program. If you are suffering from chronic pain, please consider the Functional Restoration Program to help you achieve the main goal of improving your quality of life.

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